About Us


Bita Solutions is in Kenya and focused delivering products & services that suits customers need and that adds value. We are specialists in supporting small to medium sized businesses in Kenya. Our team of friendly and professional staff have been assisting our clients see tangible gains from investment in technology. We aspire to be the best Enterprise Resource Management Solution provider in the market.



Once we are tuned into what you do and how you do it, we will tailor solutions that meet your requirements.


Our customers don’t worry about their technology because they have faith in us to look after it for them


We rely on the integrity of our technical staff to make sure we provide a solution that we know works best for your situation.

Future Proof

Technology is always evolving and we pride ourselves in keeping up to date and informing our customers of anything new that we think will benefit them and increase their efficiency.


You can rely on us to always be there when you need us. Our experience and knowledge will help us know the perfect solution that will work best for your specific needs and budget.

We always react appropriately to any given situation with the best possible outcome for our customers in mind at all times.


Everything we do is planned and carried out to the highest standards possible.

Customer Focused

Our rates are some of the most affordable with guaranteed quality and suitable solution that will give exceptional value. We will provide value in terms of increased productivity, directly save you money when supplying new solutions and support.

We have regular reviews with our customers to make sure they are happy with their systems and how we are looking after them.


To Provide Innovative, Quality and Affordable products and services which are reliable with integrity and competence.


To give you the power to Control, Evaluate and make relevant decisions for your organization.

Our Success lies in the succession our Customers

Cristore has customers in every field of retail wholesale and service business. We are humbled that these businesses have stuck with Cristore with their ever increasing demands for automation and value.

We are committed offering:-

  • Reliable Systems
  • Relevant Systems
  • User friendly Systems
  • Comparability
  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Secure